Jono Jones


Trained in Product Design in the UK, Jono has spent his career developing and commercializing product innovations for people who he is not the customer. That's required a set of skills across empathy, design, engineering, and commercialisation. He cut his teeth in healthcare product design developing products for the smallest and most vulnerable (neonates) in Glasgow. Following a couple of years in a fast-paced start-up in London focused on changing consumers behaviour around energy consumption, he left the UK to travel the world. Three months in New Zealand has never ended.

Jono joined Bluelab in 2015 to drive the product function forward. He moved from Chief Product & Innovation Officer to the privileged role of CEO in September 2022. They are a market-leading ag-tech company exporting hardware and software solutions for controlled environment agriculture and on a mission to propel the world’s transition to sustainable agriculture.

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