MORGO Queenstown 2021

MORGO is a 2-day intensive retreat for the Morgo Community: an annual re-charge, to get new courage for the tough business journeys building out into the world, for new ideas —  brain food from the other companies presenting and the science talks, and for building lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.

MORGO is for: CEOs, founders, CTOs, COOs etc of tech and high growth companies going global. If this is you apply to join the Morgo Community.

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 November, 2021

MORGO is a high energy 2-day retreat for the CEOs and other leaders of tech and high growth companies going global from Australia and New Zealand.

At the MORGO retreat we bring together these high growth business leaders to give them an annual re-charge – send them away with new energy to take on the challenges of building their businesses out into the world. These are tough and often lonely journeys – it’s the lucky entrepreneur who has a trusted co-founder, supportive investor, or a good board. At MORGO we bring them together to support, and learn from, each other. They are the business leaders of tomorrow and we want to help them succeed.

Location: The Heritage Hotel Queenstown

Event Itinerary

Sun 28 Nov
6 pm kick off with networking drinks followed by a casual dinner
Mon 29 Nov
Full programme followed by drinks & the MORGO dinner
Tue 30 Nov
Programme finishes at 4 pm. Followed by a walk and optional dinner together in a local restaurant
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Other Upcoming Events

A number of other Morgo events are held during the year: networking drinks, sessions of the Morgo Game, workshops. The Morgo Game is a business challenge game with challenge questions contributed by the Morgo Community based on difficult situations they’ve faced. Invitations to these events are sent to the Morgo Community.

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