Greg Jarvis


Following a 15-year career in corporate roles in various NZ companies I decided that I wanted to do something that allowed me to make a real difference rather than just being a cog in a company wheel.  I took some time to find the right opportunity and in August 2000, I purchased a company that would eventually evolve into the Bluelab of today.  Over the next 22 years, we grew the company from a small regional business with some export markets in Australia, UK and Canada to an enterprise with global reach, employing people across North America, Europe and more recently Asia.  I found that my background in large companies did not help me much in a smaller business. I had to become proficient in many areas such as Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain that I knew little about.   Of all the functions, People and Culture was perhaps the most important.  Very early on, my mentors taught me that for the company to succeed, it needed the right people in the right roles.

By 2015, we were thinking about the future and what a succession plan would look like.  We started by building both a Senior Leadership Team as well looking for talent that had the potential to move into the team and potentially to the CEO role. Jono was employed in the Product Development space at this time.  Since that time, Jono continued to develop in various roles throughout the company and in August 2022, he became the new CEO of Bluelab.

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