The Originals Panel


For our 20th MORGO four of the Originals – who came to the first one in 2003 – are coming back to join us. They are:

Bill Buckley of Buckley Systems who make huge precision magnets, think the Australian cyclotron or making flat glass for your phone, or silicon fab lines, or proton and neutron accelerators …

Bill Day of Seaworks who have ships around the world laying fibre optic cables, doing underwater maintenance, recovering Rocketlab rockets from the sea …

Mark Robotham who has been a regular attendee at MORGO in different roles. Now CEO of Manta5 who have those amazing hyrofoiling bikes that you pedal on the water

Mario Wynands of PikPok, a leading publisher of fun and addictive games. PikPok recently acquired a company in Columbia.

And chairing the panel, we have someone from an industry that didn’t exist 20 years ago: Janine Grainger of Easy Crypto, a crypto currency exchange.

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