Hadleigh Bognuda


Hadleigh Bognuda is the heart and soul of a young, dynamic, and unique Kiwi company taking the world of veterinary practice management software by storm.

Through a culture of diversity and inclusion, Hadleigh has taken a quirky Karangahape Rd office of 25 in 2015 to a global team of 130+ in 2020. ezyVet has offices today in Dallas, London, and Auckland. With a 21.5 million NZD turnover in 2019, up by 63% on the previous year, the company is steaming through otherwise difficult Covid-19 times.

Unlike most NZ businesses during Covid-19, Hadleigh has retained all his staff, implemented a business-wide wage-raise, and continues to grow the team, making choice additions to all departments. Galvanised by strong leadership, ezyVet has emerged from a global pandemic confident, united, and rearing to take on the world.

ezyVet is Hadleigh’s third business, having launched, grown, and exited two previous successful start-ups. There have been bumps along the way but there have also been countless lessons learned. With each uncut diamond found among Aotearoa’s rough, the company grows stronger and stronger, overcoming weaknesses and giving young Kiwis the most incredible start to their careers.

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