MORGO 2019 Bay of Islands

MORGO Bay of Islands — exhausted and exhilarated!

What an amazing group of entrepreneurs! And the key theme that emerged: CULTURE. Now that the companies are getting better funded, they’re hiring fast and the key to building a good team was repeated over and over again: be clear about your values and the culture you’re building — good people want to work with good people.

Blockchain for the diamond industry

Leanne Kemp got us off to a great start with her rapid history of technology through to the current day and her story of building Everledger — blockchain for the diamond industry. Fascinating to hear how each diamond can be classified uniquely and assigned a number to put into the blockchain. How did she wrangle all the parties in the diamond industry together to use Everledger for traceability? How did she come to be talking at the WEF on this, and where is she going next with her interest in sustainability and the circular economy? Lucky for us, Leanne is currently the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and she’s going to join us again at MORGO Byron Bay at the end of November.

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MORGO 2019 Bay of Islands

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