Morgo One-day CEO Growth Clinic with Dr Jana Matthews

The one-day Growth Clinic serves as a “health” and “readiness” check for CEOs of any New Zealand tech company with 10 – 30 employees who wants to go global.  The Clinic will clarify what the company needs and needs to be able to do to scale and go global.  It serves as a reality check for a CEO about what’s required for growth, and what you will need to do to get your company – and yourself - ready for growth.

The Clinic is run by Dr Jana Matthews, an internationally renowned business growth expert who has had over 1,300 companies go through her programmes.

You will need to submit prep work for Dr Matthews to review before meeting in her day-long Clinic.  After company and CEO introductions, the Clinic will address:

  • Your reasons for growing a company and the timeframe you have in mind.  
  • The five key questions every CEO needs to answer
  • The concept of company stages of growth
  • The changing roles of the CEO during growth
  • The kinds of people required for growth
  • Strategies for increasing revenue and margins

Before you leave you will rate the strength of your organisation to see if it is strong enough to support growth and you will create a leadership development plan for yourself.

The Clinic alternates between presentations, discussions of concepts just presented, and application of those concepts to each CEO’s company. You will be provided with frameworks and tools enabling you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader – a well as your company’s challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Who should apply: 
The Clinic is designed for CEOs of New Zealand tech companies going global who have 10 - 30 employees.

Date: Thursday 9 May 2024
Location: Auckland
Registration: There are a limited number of places available in the Clinic, so register now!

To register, you should be a member of the Morgo Community of CEOs of tech companies going global. If you haven’t joined yet, do that first here.