Jenny, on why Morgo?

Kylie said to me, “Why do I do Morgo?  That is what people want to know.”

Well, nobody will let me stop …  No, I can do better than that.  I’ve been on big company boards, I’ve worked in investment banking (love closing deals) and I set up and ran a venture capital fund.  So what am I doing running Morgo?  The answer is that I’m having fun!

I just love all the amazing people that I meet through Morgo.  And it’s very rewarding to see the positive impact that Morgo has had for so many people: from Rod Drury calling Xero a “Morgo baby” to Katherine Corich timing her trips back to New Zealand to be at Morgo again.  After last year’s Morgo, Katherine wrote, “NZ’s entrepreneurs are indebted to you as we take away so many diverse learnings.  They both challenge and invigorate us.  Can’t wait to get back to London to take the digital tech growth stage of our journey to new levels!”  Or Martin Brown, wine-searcher writing, “It also changed the way I think about myself in relation to my business. I realise that I was resting a bit when there is much work to be done.”  There are many many more people who credit Morgo with making changes in their businesses or in their lives.  That is what drives me to do Morgo.

Growing businesses is hard work.  Everyone has setbacks. The entrepreneurs who grow companies are an especially tenacious and positive group of people: they are going to succeed no matter what. They are risk takers, they work crazy hours, they are obsessive. Much of the time they are embattled.  Every now and then there is a wonderful breakthrough. Morgo is a celebration of the fact that building great businesses can be fun — as well as hard work and the inevitable setbacks. The Morgo community are bound by their shared experience of building businesses out into the world from their home country.

These people spend much of their time travelling or oriented out from Australia or New Zealand. Morgo is an opportunity to find that others are sharing this experience. The energy generated when these entrepreneurs come together is what makes Morgo irresistible.

– Jenny

Morgo Partners