The Morgo community brings together leaders of tech and other high growth companies going global from Australia and New Zealand. We get together to share stories and learn from each other.

A community for high growth companies building global businesses

Building companies is hard work. Building out into the world is even harder. The Morgo community brings together the CEOs and other leaders of tech and high growth companies going global from Australia and New Zealand to learn from and encourage each other. There are a number of events during the year. The key one is the annual retreat, MORGO. Attendance at all the Morgo events is restricted to the Morgo Community and our sponsoring Partners.

If you are the leader of one of a tech/high growth company,

MORGO Queenstown 2021

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 November, 2021

The MORGO retreat brings together the Morgo community to share experiences, learn from each other, and get re-excited about being in business. It’s an annual recharge for people leading tech and other high growth companies out into the world.

If this is you, come to share experiences with others in an intimate and trusting environment. Come away with new energy and new ideas. And there’s always some science or future technology to stimulate your thinking.

Attendance at Morgo events is restricted to the CEOs & other leaders (founding CTOs etc) of tech or high growth companies going global from New Zealand and Australia. If this you apply here.

MORGO Queenstown 2020 Highlights

The Morgo Podcast

Jenny Morel

The Morgo Podcast introduces you to the amazing tech companies being built from New Zealand & Australia into the world. Jenny Morel interviews the CEOs in these 20-minute podcasts. Companies such as Volpara Health Technologies, Ansarada, Rocketwerkz, AgriDigital, Kami and Mint Innovation.

These are full of lessons for other founders.

They’re also  for anyone who wants a glimpse into the amazing future businesses being built, where the great jobs will be, where wealth is being created

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Featured Podcasts

Morgo Community Partners

Becoming a Morgo Partner gives larger companies and service providers an opportunity to interact with the driving entrepreneurs building the companies of the future. There is plenty for large companies to learn from the drive of these entrepreneurs, the new business models, the new ways of engaging employees, the risk taking and so much more.

"Another Morgo where my notebook is full of ideas on things we can do to improve what we do, in the full knowledge that many of those ideas have already been tested and succeeded by similar companies to ours.

Ralph Highnam
Volpara Health Technologies

"The scale of people that Jenny manages to attract to present to the conference is just unbelievable. It's completely different from any other conference because it's more about the community of people who attend. Engaging."

Chris Hogg

"Do stuff for the right reasons - be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the problem"

Mike Carden

"I'm blown away by how open, transparent and real everyone is!"

Sam Riley

“This is the most important conference I attend globally. It really brings alive the importance of entrepreneurs to create vibrant economically thriving communities.”

Katherine Corich

"Love love love Morgo. Such a great opportunity to be warts and all, learn and network. So many stages of business and experience to learn from."

Merryn Straker
Straker Translations

"What an amazing couple of days - totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for championing this."

Richard Stinear

"Morgo brought together a wide variety of entrepreneurs and business leaders with common drivers - passion for NZ exports, tech and track records in tenacity to achieve. So positive, educational and great networking."

Bruce Gordon

“This is the place where Entrepreneurs and business leaders come to get that shot of adrenaline, that charge up for the year ahead. It’s peer to peer support, you help learn, grow, and leave here feeling like they can do ANYTHING!"

David Downs
NZ Story

Morgo Partners