31 may - 1 june 2018

Our annual retreat for high growth companies going global from Australia is over for 2018. The theme for Morgo Noosa was “I’ll do it my way”. The speakers - and the crowd -  had fun with this. Everyone had their own insights on the market, their own twist on product development, their own way of inspiring their team, their unique path to success. 

See behinds the scenes in our Morgo moments highlights reel:

morgo noosa.jpg

"Morgo was full of unreasonable people"

Read more about the key takeaways, and exactly what Jenny meant by that quote!

Morgo is a C-level entrepreneurial retreat. We went to Morgo for a re-charge — getting new courage for our business journeys from seeing what others have achieved. We went to Morgo for ideas — brain food from the other companies presenting and the science talks. And we went to Morgo to make good new business friends with fellow entrepreneurs. All that happened at Morgo Noosa - evidence is in these pictures!

Our speaker's didn't just fly in and fly out - they stayed and connected with their audience:

Terrie Lloyd shared his history of 17 start-ups in Japan. Yes, 17! Some big successes, but also ones that didn’t work. Christin Burns talked about building Marion’s Kitchen as a successful consumer brand in the US with tight control of quality for the production in Thailand. Alex Teoh talked about building Mint Payments — the long hard part and the rapid growth until he’s now riding a wave.

Helen Jarman gave a disarmingly frank assessment of her own strengths and weaknesses and what she’s learned while building her large supply chain management company. Adam Schwab talked about building Lux Group, Philip Mayes about Mighty Kingdom Games — a very personal story, Barry Newstead chatted with us about building Redbubble, and Alex Grant talked about building Myriota to track remote objects — where are all the cows?

Aliza Knox talked about building a team to take your business into Asia, Steven Fang talked about commercialising a way of personalising chemotherapy, Alex MacDonald about new frontiers in space, and Melanie Johnston-Hollitt about the square kilometre array.