MORGO Byron Bay 2019

MORGO Byron Bay – would you like A.I. with that?

At MORGO Byron Bay a fantastic group of tech entrepreneurs came together to re-charge, re-connect and re-imagine.

The conversation was all about AI, blockchain, space, AI again, surviving as an entrepreneur, virtual reality, back to AI … We didn’t set out with a theme of talking about AI! The theme was meant to be COURAGE. Somebody put that to bed pretty quickly by saying that all entrepreneurs must have courage.

We were incredibly lucky to have Howie Xu as our opening speaker. Howie’s Silicon Valley story is amazing: a founder of VMWare - US$4 billion revenue in 10 years, time at Greylock Partners, the author of the second-most quoted article on unicorns, and more recently the founder of Trust Path, which he sold into ZScaler, joining the team there as VP of AI & Machine Learning for another rocket ride.

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MORGO Byron Bay 2019

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