Morgo CEO Leadership Programme 2023

The Morgo CEO Leadership programme is a 9-month programme that enables CEOs of high growth companies going global from New Zealand to understand the leadership, organisational, marketing, sales and financial requirements of rapid growth and global expansion.

CEOs who want to grow globally need to learn how to go very fast, be courageous and smart, take on competitors many times their size and win, select a team that’s highly proficient at execution, then delegate effectively. The Morgo CEO Leadership programme is designed to help CEOs learn how to do all of this.

The course will be taught by Dr Jana Matthews, an internationally renowned business growth expert who has had over 1,200 companies go through her programmes. Dr Jana Matthews will be assisted by Growth Experts  including Jenny Morel of Morgo who has extensive experience as a director (and sometimes CEO) of tech companies going global and other experienced members of the Morgo Community.

Who can come?

To be part of the Morgo CEO Leadership Programme in 2023, you should be the CEO of a tech company going global from New Zealand which:

Registration is closed for 2023.

The Morgo CEO Leadership Programme is comprised of the following components:


Initial orientation and on-boarding calls for each CEO with Dr Jana Matthews



First two-day intensive session

1st week in May, Wellington


Second two-day intensive session

1st week in July, Wellington


MORGO Bay of Islands & debrief after

24, 25, 26 August


One-day review & assessment with Dr Jana Matthews

September, Online


One week trip to San Francisco

Last week of October


Analysis & synthesis – half a day

1 December


Coaching and bespoke assistance from Dr Jana Matthews


The Morgo CEO Program is based on the Knowledge Framework for Growth developed by Dr Jana Matthews.

Dr Jana Matthews will teach each session. She will be assisted by Jenny Morel and other Growth Experts who understand the challenges of taking companies global.

The two 2-day sessions are the core of the programme. These impart the tools and resources to be applied during the rest of the programme and the work that participants will do between the meetings.

Each 2-day intensive session will have four sessions focusing on specific topics relevant to growing global:

CEOs will receive a Learning Journal with materials and tools that will help them implement the concepts learned in each session.

Small group discussions will be facilitated by Dr Matthews and the Growth Experts.

CEOs will identify changes that will need to be made in order to grow globally.

CEOs will develop an Action Plan with timelines for them and their teams to achieve before the next part of the programme begins.

People Delivering this Programme

Dr Jana Matthews has written eight books on leading in high growth companies, including the classic “Leading at the Speed of Growth”. She helped to establish the Kauffman Centre for Entrepreneurship and advised Boulder on becoming a tech city.

After many years working as a consultant there, she moved to Australia to set up the Australian Centre for Business Growth, which she has led for the past 9 years.

Jana is a global thought leader, speaker, writer, organisational growth consultant, mentor and coach to business owners, directors, CEOs, MDs, and executive teams all over the world. She has designed programs to enable directors, CEOs and executive team members to understand their roles and responsibilities, identify growth stoppers, manage innovation and commercialisation, choose appropriate growth strategies, finance growth, plan, execute, measure organisational performance, and make the behaviour and organisational changes required to grow.

Jana is currently ANZ Chair in Business Growth at the University of Adelaide and was the founding director of the Australian Centre for Business Growth at UniSA, which has now had over 1,250 CEOs through its growth programmes.

Jana owns the IP behind the courses and resources used at the highly successful Australian Centre for Business Growth. In partnering with Morgo, she will bring access to this IP as well as her consulting time.

Jana ran a 3-hour leadership workshop at MORGO in 2004. Rod Drury calls Xero “a MORGO baby” and this is a key part of the reason he does so.

She also partnered with Morgo to run MORGO Barossa in 2017 and ran 2 short workshops at MORGO 2022, which were extremely well received.

Jenny’s background is in investment banking, company directorships, and venture capital. She now devotes herself to the Morgo community of leaders of technology companies going global from New Zealand and Australia.

Over 20 years ago, Jenny started a niche investment bank to work with technology companies and, a year later, New Zealand’s first US-style venture capital firm, No 8 Ventures. For No 8 Ventures, Jenny was a director of 10 young tech companies going global and chair of 6 of them. She also did stints as CEO at two of them.

Jenny started the 2-day event known as MORGO 20 years ago to bring together people building tech companies out into the world from New Zealand, most of whom didn’t know each other. She kept this going on the side of her other businesses. 10 years ago she went to live in Singapore for 6 years. While there, with Dr Jana Matthews, she started MORGO in Australia. Covid has led to Morgo activities now being restricted to New Zealand.

After Jenny returned to New Zealand 4 years ago,

  • She started the Morgo Podcast to share the stories of the amazing tech companies being built from New Zealand out into the world. There are now almost 100 of these stories released – check out the Morgo Podcasts!
  • She developed the Morgo Game, a business challenge game for the Morgo Community to learn from each other.
  • She is now developing a portfolio of Morgo Workshops with other facilitators
  • She has continued to build the Morgo Community with the MORGO event at the core of it.
John Olsen - Growth Expert

John Olsen

With a career spanning GE, Microsoft, and Amazon John moved to the Bay of Plenty in 2018 with his New Zealand born wife and 3 children. Prior to arriving in NZ John led Human Resources for Amazon’s Worldwide Operations organisation and the hundreds of thousands of employees responsible for delivering on customer orders around the globe. John also led HR during the hyper growth of Amazon’s Devices organisation resulting in products like Alexa, next generation Kindles and Kindle Fire tablets, FirePhone, and FireTV.

Today John chairs the board of Groov (a New Zealand start-up focused on mental health) and is a board member at GoGenerosity (a New Zealand start-up focused on helping local businesses pay it forward). He also works with a variety of founders and venture capital firms to scale businesses for growth.

Murray Holdaway - Growth Expert

Murray Holdaway

Murray is the co-founder and product visionary of Vista Entertainment Solutions. He was the CEO of Vista until after the company listed in 2014. In 2018 he became the Chief Product Officer of the Vista Group of companies. Now he is an Executive Director – continuing to contribute to the company he built.

Vista designs and develops cinema and studio management solutions for the international film industry. Its software is installed in cinemas and film distributors in over 90 countries. It has subsidiary companies with offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Cape Town, London, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City and business partners in India and Pakistan to support its customers.

Murray says that the founders of Vista always wanted to build an enduring New Zealand software company and that is what they have achieved.