Bay of Islands

15 - 16 AUGUST 2019

Morgo is a CEO/C-suite 2-day retreat for Tech and other High Growth Companies going global.

It’s an event like no other - you are among your peers, you make incredible connections and you learn from the shared experiences of other people leading businesses out into the world. Check out what people said about Morgo Queenstown last year here.

The next Morgo retreat is Morgo Bay of Islands, Thursday 15 & Friday 16 August. Manta5 are bringing some of their bikes – bring your wetsuit!

Morgo is for C-suite leaders of Tech and High-Growth Companies going global. If this is you, apply to join the Morgo Community here.

In addition to Morgo retreats in New Zealand and Australia, there are some other Morgo gatherings during the year. The most recent was an awesome one with Guy Haddleton talking about building Anaplan to its $3.5bn NYSE listing.
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"Morgo is Brain Food and Energy Blasts"

Read more See our summary of Morgo Queenstown ‘18 and discover what a cyber security guy, a brain augmentation specialist, gamer, parking expert and various others could possibly have in common….


We attend Morgo for a re-charge  —  to get new courage for our business journeys from seeing what others have achieved. We go to Morgo for ideas —  brain food from the other companies presenting and the science talks. And we go to Morgo to make good new business friends with fellow entrepreneurs.

All that and more will happen at Morgo Bay of Islands 2019! Apply to join the Morgo Community here.

Our speaker's don't just fly in and fly out -
they stay and connect with THE MORGO COMMUNITY!

Our speakers are always part of the Morgo community - from local companies to inspire us, offshore entrepreneurs to lift our sights, and a bit of science to shift our mindsets.  Our speakers don't just fly in and out again, they stay for the whole event.  Join them for a drink at the networking evening, dinner and the Morgo walk, where you’ll forge long lasting connections.  That's how the Morgo magic happens.

Here are our confirmed 2019 Morgo Bay of Islands presenters:

Speaker Bios and social media here.
More Morgo Speakers will be announced soon!