Today’s Australasia is a vibrant mixture of self-assured, flexible, resilient people, great cafés and restaurants, film and fashion industries that are world-class, and a rapidly increasing number of exciting high growth companies building global businesses.

Morgo is the place where the people building these high growth companies from New Zealand and Australia get together.

Morgo provides an annual re-charge, an opportunity to re-connect with the other people building high growth companies and to get re-excited about being in business.

A mix of international and local speakers stimulate the discussions: successful entrepreneurs to learn from, offshore entrepreneurs to challenge us, and science speakers to expand our thinking with workshops to encourage sharing experiences and to learn from the maestros present.

Morgo was founded in 2003 by Jenny Morel (centre) to bring together all the tech entrepreneurs she’d been meeting, who didn’t know each other since they spent so much time facing out from New Zealand.  Morgo has since expanded into 2 countries, a two day gathering for 150 CEOs, founders, CTOs, CFOs of all kinds of high growth companies, not just tech companies.


Morgo, is for people building high growth companies from New Zealand or Australia – CEO, CTOs, CFO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, very active board members.

People from over 300 high growth companies have attended Morgo, including ARANZ Geo, Compac Sorting Equipment, Comvita, Datacom, Dbvisit, Endace, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Fronde, Gentrack, ikeGPS, Just Water, Matakina, Orion Health, Open Cloud, Rakon, Rex Bionics, Serko, Silverstripe, SLI Systems, Solution Dynamics, The Martin Aircraft Company, Vend, Vista Entertainment Solutions, and Xero.

We have collected amazing stories from Morgo. Read about them here or watch the videos

We’ve also produced the Morgo Book 2013 and 2014 – full of these amazing stories.


“It’s too hard to do this stuff by yourself .. a great place to learn off other people .. and make great contacts”

Grant RyanHunch Cruncher & YikeBike

“Everyone I sat down next to was someone I wanted to talk to”

Greg CrossCross Ventures

“I’ve been to 5 Morgo’s – it’s a fantastic event and different from any other event out there”

Michael WhiteheadCEO, Wherescape

“Being an entrepreneur is lonely.. it’s for companies that already have staff, revenues and experience pushing offshore ..those people can really get benefits from experiences and lessons from others.”

Sam MorganJasmine Social Investments

“The best business conference I have been to. Amazing group of people, open conversations and genuine desire to share experiences, hope I can come again”

Jonathan Sackier (USA)

“Congratulations! I go to conferences all around the world and this really is a fantastic conference”

Jeff Gordon, CEO OpenCloud (UK)

“Jenny – Morgo continues to be a credit to you. It really is THE conference in NZ”

Bill Day Seaworks

“It’s the coolest network of smart people.”

John SaywellRPM Retail


AJ Park
NZ Trade and Enterprise


Craig Investment Partners
UK Trade and Investment
No8 Ventures
Xero Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping
Centre for Business Growth
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment